Music of Howard Shore – Lucerne

21CO_ShoreMiddle-earth and Beyond

Lucerne, Switzerland
Sunday 20 April 2014 6:30pm
KKL Lucerne Concert Hall

21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
Ludwig Wicki, conductor
Sophie Shao, cello             

Part I
Nerakhoon – Suite for Mezzo – Soprano, Choir and Strings
Mythic Gardens – Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

Part II
From The Lord of the Rings Symphony:
The Prophecy | Concerning Hobbits | Hope and Memory | The White Tree | The Steward of Gondor | Cirith Ungol | Anduril | The End of All Things | The Return of the King | The Grey Havens | Into the West

At 5:30pm there will be a pre-concert introduction with the composer Howard Shore and author Doug Adams.